Presentations are an important way in business to present various types of information and/or training, both internal and externally, and the key to an effective presentation is that it is engaging to an audience, without it being a direct 'read-along' type of piece. Knackert Media develops presentations personalized to the individual that uses them, and the feedback we have received has also been positive.

While most presentations are generally created using PowerPoint, some clients have requested stand-alone mounted prints for showing graphics, schematics and other types of free standing displays. Regardless of your presentation needs, Knackert Media as the experience and expertise to develop the most effective presentations to attract the right attention or get your message across.

Presentation Portfolio

Big O Tires Mesa, AZ - 2022
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2022
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2021
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2020
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2020
Stamp's Auto Chandler, AZ - 2019
Van De Pol Phoenix, AZ - 2018
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2018
New West Oil Phoenix, AZ - 2017
Valvoline Lexington, KY - 2017
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2016
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2016
QMI Lakeland, FL - 2015
Wynn's/ITW Glenview, IL - 2015
The Islands Lake Las Vegas, NV - 2006
Personal Portfolio Scottsdale, AZ - 2006
Pac Sun/D.E.M.O. Anaheim, CA - 2005
Diedrich Coffee Waterbury, VT - 2005