Frequently Asked Questions

This section is meant to provide a client with answers to commonly received questions. If there's a questions outside of what you see below, don't hesitate to ask.

Labor for design and development work is $75/hr. The work time is rounded off to the nearest quarter hour. Extra expenses can accrue for third-party vendors which may include add-ons such as: domain names, stock photography, website snippets or apps, site hosting, printing, fabrication or services rendered outside of Knackert Media by a partner/vendor. Hosting is available through Knackert Media as well see Website Hosting. Fuel charges may be added as well at $1.00/mile in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Travel charges can be factored separately when applicable. We want to save money and show you the value of our services. This is something we strive to do and you will always be informed of every charge and why. We don't hide things. Why? We want you to keep coming back. It's an old-fashioned method that is lost in the modern era. We are a small business and that's the way we think. We want you to accomplish your goals and will stop at nothing to make sure your experience with us is memorable and shows value. Meet with us today for a free consultation so we can get your project up and running.

Currently we accept payments through PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. Credit cards will not be accepted at this time. Only local personal checks accepted. You will receive an invoice (or invoices) based on the services you receive as well as added third-party products, etc. All checks should be made payable to Jeremy Knackert. For other arrangements, such as 1099 contracts, contact Knackert Media directly.

While this isn't our preference, we may be able to work out an arrangement based on what you are offering. We tried this in the past and got duped on more than one occasion, so we are just being cautious.

We need to learn about your business and backstory, what your needs and expectations are and obtaining specific text, pictures, videos, color schemes, logos, and other relevent information. While we can absolutely provide the service of producing content for you, we want to ensure we can get to know your business in great detail. We don't have any problems editing content to make it just right. This is an area where you can save a lot of money when you have the content already written up. The more prepared you are when communicating with us and handing over the content, the fewer hours that are billed.

Files can be sent to, or mailed to: 5833 W. Libby St., Glendale, AZ 85308. We can also accept sharing from cloud storage services such as OneDrive, DropBox, etc. A CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or thumb drive works too. When possible, please include all logos in a vector file format (eps, ai, etc) and high-resolution or raw images.

Yes. Once an estimate is established, 50% payment is required before work begins. Any orders for items or third-party services will be invoiced and payment is required in full prior to ordering. Failure to pay the whole project amount upon completion results in loss of materials and the deposit. All work files and materials can be transferred to you upon request. All payments are due in full within 30-days of receipt of your invoice. Direct 1099 contract work requires no deposit.

Changes can be made at any time. Please note that the labor charge will still apply. In the instance of a website, a maintenance schedule can be established, based on the frequency of needed updates. The good news is that simple content like text or pictures will take minimal effort and time, meaning a minimal expense. Expanding content or big additions may require a new invoice. That's due to the time required to make larger changes. Just because it looks like an easy addition, please keep in mind that lots of time and care may be required to make it perfect.

Be assured that your work will be completed in a timely fashion and completed as soon as possible. Also please note that we won't keep you in the dark on progress. You will receive updates. Completion time depends on the response time of the client for when any challenges or questions may come up. Let's keep those lines of communication open.

While the time it takes is determined in the initial consultation, this can occur whenever changes are made to the original design plan. Time is factored in for edits and add-ons as best as possible. The best way for you as our client to avoid extra billable hours is make certain that all information and content are ready and prepared at the time of consultation. Changing your mind is okay and we understand that. Just be prepared for the necessary adjustments that would be needed and understand that time and money have to factor in. If we quote you something and it goes over budget because of our error, that's on us. The price you are quoted, which also factors in the client's responsibilities, is the price you pay.

Absolutely. In fact, in doing so, you will probably save a ton of money. Kind of like those bundling deals you here about, but this one is actually beneficial and far less money. Knackert Media is hosted through and we subdivide the space. This method of hosting will save you hundreds of dollars and appear seemless to a standard hosting contract that you maintain on your own.

Obtaining and paying the annual fees on a domain is the responsibility of the client. We can provide instruction on how to connect your domain to the proper hosting server. We can maintain the domain for you by providing support when there are connectivity issues.

If we absolutely have to, yes. There are many interfaces available on the market. This needs to be discussed in advance. Knackert Media typically doesn't do work on these, but we can arrange it upon request. Estimates can be made by Knackert Media if this is what your need is. Extra third-party fees may apply.

Absolutely. We have a top-notch 4K camera and several HD-cameras and even an older model DV-camera depending on your needs along with editing and output capabilities. We can set up a full production crew if needed.

No project is too large or small. Even if it only takes 10 minutes, we are happy to assist. It's not uncommon to build out a flyer or something similar for only $20. Your project is important no matter what.

Just about any file formats can be used. With provided images, we request that you try to give us the largest file size you have available (300 dpi + if possible). It's easier to reduce any size but in increase will impede on the quality. Our operation is Windows-based, but we can convert Mac files with no problem. Any existing vector logos you have available are also extremely helpful.

For website development there is a $250 minimum charge. There's so much involved on the back end for setting up and connecting, even if a site build is very small. A $250 minimum charge assures us that we can take care of those missing hours spent on backend labor.